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Alcachofa Polvo - Antichoke Powder


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Alcachofa Polvo - Antichoke Powder
Artichoke Powder, made from dried ground artichokes, is a fine powder with a mild artichoke flavor. Artichoke powder makes for a wonderful addition to sour cream and mayo for dips and sauces. Combine it with ingredients for pasta or bread making. Try artichoke powder with olive oil, tomatoes, sweet onions, olives and feta for a light salad.

Artichokes are digestive aids and contain compounds that improve bile flow and raise HDL levels over time.

Artichoke Powder is wonderful for adding color and flavor to fresh pasta, noodle and bread doughs. It can also be used in yeast and quick breads or muffins. Combine with herbs or sun-dried tomatoes for a light, savory flavor

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