Te Verde Sencha / Sencha Green Tea


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Te Verde Sencha / Sencha Green Tea


Sencha green tea (Camellia sinensis)

Recommended Applications

Sencha tea leaves have been steamed and not pan-fried like Chinese greens teas. When infused with care Sencha tea reveals an enticing balance of sweet and bitter tastes. Lower temperatures and/or less time than other loose leaf teas is recommended.

Though tea balls and strainers are often used for tea that isn't pre-bagged, ideal methods of infusing loose leaf teas employ strainers that allow for the tea leaves to completely unfurl and release their flavor.

Some tea enthusiasts dispense with using strainers altogether and drop leaves in the pot directly and then strain the tea when serving into cups. When employing this method be sure to pour out all tea or remaining liquid will get bitter from over-steeping.

Basic Preparation

Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary.


China, Japan  

Handling / Storage

Store in a cool, dry place.

 Shelf Life

4 Years 

Product Style


Taste & Aroma 

Green tea is processed just after plucking, which minimizes oxidation and delivers a pale green color and distinct earthy flavor.

Country of Origin


Dietary Preferences

Contains Caffeine 

Allergen Information

None Specified


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