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Fenogreco Hoja - Fenugreek Leaf


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Fenogreco Hoja - Fenugreek Leaf
Fenogreco Hoja - Fenugreek Leaf

Known as shanbalileh in Persian, fenugreek leaves have the scent of a sun-dappled meadow. They are essential for making ghormeh sabzi, an herb stew lovingly prepared for special occasions. Their warm, savory flavor is also delicious when crumbled over potatoes. Also available in  Whole Fenugreek Seeds.


These dried Fenugreek leaves have an aroma that is savory and warm, with a nutty taste. They are an essential for Indian dishes such as Chicken Makhani. However, their flavor can be added to any dish that can be enhanced by a touch of sweetness. Try imparting their wonderful flavor by crumbling them over your next vegetable dish or grinding them and adding the powder to a creamy sauce.


Ingredients Fenugreek Leaves
Recommended Applications Commonly used in Indian curries, this product also yields great results when included into pickling spice, or added to vegetable curries.
Basic Preparation Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary.
Cuisine Albanian, European, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean
Product Style Whole
Taste & Aroma Acidic & Fruity, Bitter or Astringent
Shelf Life 2 Years
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place.
Country of Origin India
Dietary Preferences All Natural
Allergen Information None Specified

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Sandra Chaverri
Good product

It is ezcelente for lung infection

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