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Damiana - Damiana Herb


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Damiana - Damiana Herb
Damiana - Damiana Herb

Ingredients Damiana (Turnera diffusa)
Basic Preparation No preparation is needed as this product is ready to use as is.
Recommended Applications
Damiana, also known as Old Woman's Broom, is a small shrub native to the southwestern US, Mexico and South America. A cousin to the passionflower vine, damiana produces aromatic but bitter tasting leaves that are combined with other herbs in tea blends.
Use to make infused oils and poultices for topical use.

The dried herb is prepared as tea. It can also be sprinkled lightly over salads, soups and cooked vegetables.

Combines well with spinach and other bitter greens, such as arugula and dandelion.
Taste & Aroma
Leafy, without remarkable aroma
Product Style
cut & sifted
Cuisine Caribbean, English, European, Indian, Jamaican, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, North American, West Indies
Handling / Storage To be stored in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life 3 Years
Country of Origin México
Dietary Preferences All Natural, Non-GMO
Allergen Information None Specified

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Ellis

Muy bueno para dejar de fumar

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