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Hierba del Espirítu Santo - Angelica


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Hierba del Espirítu Santo - Angelica
Hierba del Espirítu Santo - Angelica

Angelica root, known as the Angel of Herbs, is related to parsley, carrot and fennel. The fragrant herb is added to teas and seasonings for a celery-like flavor.

Angelica, also known as Norwegian angelica, wild celery, and Root of the Holy Ghost, is a member of the carrot family with a natural distribution throughout much of Europe and some parts of southeast Asia. The name archangelica is a reference to the archangel Michael, who reportedly informed through a dream that angelica was an antidote for the plague. While the hollow stems of angelica serve as instruments and candied confections, the root is used for flavoring gin and other foods and beverages. Due to the presence of a fatty acid called exaltolide, angelica root extracts lend a musky aroma to perfumes and also acts as a fixative.

Ingredients Angelica (Angelica archangelica officinalis)
Basic Preparation No preparation is needed as this product is ready to use as is.
Recommended Applications
The dried, ground root imparts and earthier flavor and can be used in baking breads, cakes, muffins and cookies.

Pairs well with fish, pork, poultry, carrots, yams, rhubarb, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, currants, fenneldillginger and clove.

Taste & Aroma
Warm and sweet, similar to carrot or celery with a slight hint of licorice.
Product Style
cut & sifted
Cuisine Caribbean, English, European, Indian, Jamaican, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, North American, West Indies
Handling / Storage To be stored in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life 3 Years
Country of Origin Europe
Dietary Preferences All Natural,  Non-GMO
Allergen Information None Specified

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