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Valeriana raíz - Valerian root


Precio habitual ₡ 3.650,00
Valeriana raíz - Valerian root
Valeriana raíz - Valerian root
Ingredients Valerian Root 
Basic Preparation
Recommended Applications
Tincture in alcohol or decoct as a tea or tonic.

Please note that valerian root is highly stimulating to cats. This is because the root contains a chemical called actinidine, a natural plant pheromone that attracts cats, rats and some insects.

Taste & Aroma
Woody and fibrous with a “cheesy” odor.
Bitter and acrid when prepared as tea.
Product Style
cut & sifted
Handling / Storage To be stored in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life 4 Years
Country of Origin United States 
Dietary Preferences All Natural,  Non-GMO
Allergen Information None Specified

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