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Cardamomo Negro - Black Cardamom


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Cardamomo Negro - Black Cardamom
Cardamomo Negro - Black Cardamom

Of all the world's spices, black cardamom is perhaps the most difficult to describe. Flowery yet earthy, powerful yet delicate, this podded seed is truly unique. Pungent black cardamom has been smoke-dried, making it better suited to braised meats and savory recipes than the green pods.


he delicious smoked flavor of black cardamom is popular among vegetarian, Kosher, and Halal cooks as it can be reminiscent of bacon’s own smokey flavor. Black cardamom is most often used in Indian recipes but it lends itself well to other cuisines. Try adding a crushed pod to a pot of Vietnames pho stock or Chinese braised beef recipes. You can also remove the seeds from the hull, grind them into a powder, and add it to your favorite curry or masala recipes. We recommend lightly toasting the cardamom pod in a dry pan before use to amplify its flavor and aroma. 


More Information

Ingredients Black Cardamom.
Basic Preparation Prior to adding to any recipe, remove seeds from the Cardamom Pods and grind the seeds. For tea infusions, simply place crushed pods and seeds in a cheesecloth bag.
Recommended Applications Use Whole Black Cardamom mixed with bitter greens, green curry for chicken, lentils, rice or grind up for a dry rub for braised meats.
Taste & Aroma Citrus, Pungent, Smoky, Warm & Earthy
Product Style Whole
Cuisine Asian, Indian, Indonesian, North African, Scandinavian
Handling / Storage To be stored in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life 3 years
Country of Origin India
Dietary Preferences All Natural
Allergen Information None Specified

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