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Regaliz - Licorice


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Regaliz - Licorice
Regaliz - Licorice
Ingredients Licorice Root 
Recommended Applications Make strong hot water infusions to produce syrups, tonics and teas. Licorice root is also used to flavor homemade soda and beer. 

Applications: Anti-inflammatory/Expectorant/Laxative/Adrenal agent/Demulcent

Licorice is primarily used to treat problems with the digestive system.

Digestion: Licorice helps to sooth the mucosae linings of the stomach and intestines. This helps to prevent ulcers and other inflammations.

Expectorant: Licorice helps to thin mucus making it valuable for asthma and other chest problems.

Adrenal gland: Licorice causes the adrenal glands to produce hormones. This is helpful for someone with low adrenal function.

Laxative: Licorice can be used to relieve constipation.

Canker sores: Licorice can help to soothe canker sores.

Basic Preparation Ready to use as is, no preparation is required.
Cuisine European, German, Greek, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, North American, Russian, Scandinavian, Turkish
Product Style Whole
Taste & Aroma
Fibrous and woody with a spicy, sweet aroma.Has a strong flavor similar to fennel or anise.
Shelf Life 3 Years
Handling / Storage To be stored in a cool, dry place.
Country of Origin China
Dietary Preferences All Natural,  Non-GMO
Allergen Information None Specified 

Customer Reviews

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Nathalia Gonzalez Vilchez
Muy dulce, buenisimo!

Lo ame, delicioso sabor , lo seguire comprando! Recomendación combinar con matcha!!

Nathalia Vilchez R
La da

sabe buenisimo, la da

Giovanni Morales-Gamboa

Regaliz - Licorice

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